With a Little Help from my Plugins

There has been so much going on this year! I just wanted to post something to get the ball rolling again, so this is a piece that I recorded while trying out some new music gear and software. One take, played live, no loops, three synth sounds. I’m really starting to get the feel of this new midi controller, and it is so cool that I can bring my guitar skills into the playing. Now I just have to learn how to play it again and clean up the rough patches, but I love how it has started out.

Technical Stuff

I’ve been playing around with the Instrument 1 by Artiphon and it has encouraged me to try out some new plugins. Thank you to my lovely wife for getting me this for Christmas!

The Spitfire Modular Piano plugin just showed up in my twitter feed as a new addition to their Labs suite of free plugins. The ethereal background sound is from their Modular Piano collection. You can also hear a sound from the Peel Guitar collection which I snagged while I was on their Labs page. They have some amazing sound collections, but a bit out of reach price-wise for now.

I ended up with the AAS Strum Session when I bought a Korg Nanokontrol 2 on recommendation from this video While the Nanokontrol 2 is an awesome piece of recording tech, I have to change up my desk setup to use it better. As many pieces of electronic music do, it came with codes to try out LE (light edition) music software and plugins. I actually ended up with 3 AAS plugins: Strum Sessions (guitar), Lounge Lizards (piano), and Ultra Analog Session (synths).