Here I go again...with a little help from my friends?

Writing, music, cooking and just being creative; whether it's making a story or crafting an omelette, creativity  has been important to me for a long time. I imagine it is to most people, but some of us pursue it a bit harder, sometimes to the point of obsession. Thankfully I've always had company in talking about my interests, but not always in their pursuit. 

That's why I am happy to say that starting in June I will be embarking on a blog challenge with Amanda McCormick at the helm (Thanks to you and everyone over at our little slice of weird on discord) and a mix of people of all ages and levels that have one thing in common: the compulsion to write. 

And we have explored that compulsion largely alone. As connected as the world is, writing can still be a very solitary thing. Will people like my work? Am I wasting my time on this when there are so many other important things to do? Am I getting better, worse? And couple the doubt with procrastination and you get blank pages, and broken promises.

So I'm glad to get started (again) I'm not sure where the journey will end up this time, but I'm sure I will learn something along the way.